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Police: Denver woman hit by car part of domestic violence case

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2013 | Domestic Violence |

Denver police are reportedly investigating a situation that they claim was domestic violence. A pregnant woman was hit by a car on Sunday night, and police said they initially thought the incident was a hit-and-run, but later believe that it was domestic violence.

They have announced an arrest of a person believed to have been involved in the incident, but they are asking for the public to call with any information. This suggests that they aren’t entirely sure what happened in the situation. However, despite not having a full picture of what may have happened, a person may be facing serious allegations and could eventually be charged with domestic violence related crimes.

The woman and baby are expected to survive their injuries. While it is important to be sensitive to any potential victims of domestic violence, it is also important that a person who is accused of such crimes has an opportunity at a fair trial. Many times, a stigma is instantly attached to a person who might be accused of a crime, making it difficult for a jury to be unbiased in their decision of any future court case.

An experienced Denver-area criminal defense attorney can help a person understand their rights when they are accused of wrongdoing or charged with a crime. It is important that during any investigation or questioning, a person doesn’t incriminate themselves. Speaking with an attorney and having them present during questioning can help ensure that a person doesn’t unintentionally hurt their ability to maintain their innocence.

Source: Denver Post, “Pregnant woman hit by car in Denver was victim of domestic violence,” Nov. 10, 2013