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Off-duty officer arrested for DUI, evidence tampering in Colorado

An off-duty Colorado police officer was arrested early last week for reportedly drunk driving. Police say that they took the man to a local hospital where he had blood drawn for a blood-alcohol content test. He was then driven to his home by the arresting officer. That officer says he then noticed that the blood sample was missing, and started a subsequent investigation.

The off-duty officer was later arrested again and charged with tampering with evidence. When someone is arrested for a crime, police might search for additional evidence for other crimes and a prosecutor might pursue additional charges.

In this case, charges such as tampering with evidence and DUI could affect the man's career. When someone is charged with a crime, they could face consequences with their employer. If the man isn't able to continue being a police officer, it could be difficult for him to find new employment.

The severity of charges is not always just about how long of a sentence a person could serve or how much of a fine they might be forced to pay if they are convicted. Charges can also be severe if they affect a person's career.

Speaking with an attorney in Colorado who understands drunk driving charges might be a wise decision. They can evaluate the person's case and help them form a rigorous criminal defense. This defense might also help prevent other charges from being brought against a person. When a person's livelihood is on the line, a defense can be very important.

Source: CBS Denver, "Officer Charged With DUI And Tampering With Evidence," Nov. 12, 2013

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