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If ignored, traffic violations can lead to further issues

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2013 | Traffic Violations |

Traffic violations can sometimes require a person to appear in court. If they have repeated violations in Colorado, a person might face significant fines, loss of their driver’s license or other punishments. It is most important that people don’t ignore violations that they are aware of. Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney might be a wise decision for people facing violations.

Late last month, a judge ordered Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller to perform community service and take a driving class within 90 days. The judge was upset with the man because he reportedly was supposed to be present for his hearing, but wasn’t aware.

After allegations of speeding, driving without a valid license, and driving without proof of insurance, he was facing serious traffic violations. He reportedly failed to appear in court last year, and had a warrant out for his arrest. This led to his arrest while he was having a background check performed before a gun purchase. He was later pulled over for speeding, and was addressing all the charges he faces when he appeared in court last month.

Miller didn’t enter a plea at his last hearing, but will have a final hearing in January. It is important that a person understands when they need to be in court and what charges they are facing. An attorney can help the person understand the court process and work to defend the person against charges. It is important to address accusations in order to prevent further damage to a person’s reputation.

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