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Drunk driving arrest gets physical

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2013 | Drunk Driving Charges |

When a person in Colorado is pulled over for drunk driving, law enforcement officers may administer standardized sobriety testing. These tests have been developed to establish a person’s impairment and to validate probable cause of arrest. It is arguable whether or not sobriety testing of this nature is always accurate in measuring impairment and if a person should be arrested with DUI charges based on the results of this testing.

When law enforcement officers arrived on the scene of a recent car crash, they had the driver, a 44-year-old Florida woman, participate in routine sobriety testing. The woman was allegedly drunk and had crashed her car into a house. The woman did not suffer any injuries related to the accident, however a dash cam revealed that law enforcement officers may have used overly aggressive force when the woman slid out of her handcuffs during her arrest.

The woman had a broken orbital bone accompanied by scrapes and bruises, injuries she suffered as authorities attempted to restrain her. She was reportedly of slight build and height, and was not threatening the officers that were on the scene. She may have been easily controlled by one officer. The woman may face DUI charges, depending on the results of toxicology testing. It is unknown if she will file a suit against the city.

There are some serious consequences for drunk driving. Passengers, drivers, bystanders and property can all be damaged when accidents occur. Drivers can find themselves arrested and charged with a DUI, a misdemeanor in Colorado if impairment can be proven. If a person has been arrested for drunk driving, he may find it helpful to obtain legal counsel from an experienced attorney.

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