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Police officer charged with drug crimes after FBI sting

A man was arrested after allegedly buying drugs from someone who was working as a Federal Bureau of Investigation informant. The man who was arrested happens to be a police officer, which makes the charges he will face even more severe.

According to a report, the man allegedly bought $1,300 worth of Ecstasy, and was arrested after the transaction. Investigators say they searched the man's home after his arrest and found more drugs, guns and a scale. Although the man should be treated the same as anyone else accused of a similar crime, he will likely be held to more scrutiny by the general public and by his employer because of his position as a police officer.

Sometimes when a person is arrested for a crime, they can face consequences in addition to their sentence if they are convicted. This could result in a person being fired from their job, loss of custody of their children, or other consequences in the future.

Speaking with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Colorado might be a wise decision after an arrest for drug charges. They can help be with a person during questioning by authorities and help ensure that they don't say anything that might lead to their conviction. It is important that evidence is handled properly and police and investigators act in a way that allows the person to have a fair trial. If someone isn't able to have a fair trial, they might receive a wrongful conviction, spend time in prison and serve a sentence that could result in a negative future.

Source: The Denver Post, "Littleton police officer arrested in federal drug probe," Sadie Gurman, July 23, 2013

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