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Four men falsely accused of rape by alleged victim

In a neighboring state of Colorado, a woman has been convicted of making false allegations of rape and sexual assault. Apparently, the woman claimed that she was raped by four men including one individual that was arrested because of the allegations.

She later told police that she engaged in sexual acts with the individual arrested in return for money, and that she had cut herself with a razor and her finger nails to make it appear as if a sexual assault had taken place. The man arrested has since been released from prison, and all charges related to this incident have been dropped.

A judge involved in the incident had only harsh words regarding the conduct of the woman. The judge emphasized how the false allegations involved a great deal of extra work by law enforcement authorities, and it also stigmatized a number of individuals that were falsely accused of sexual assault.

"The credibility of the victim is an important issue in any sexual assault case," the judge was quoted as saying, "and what you have done is to damage people who are real victims of sexual assault, especially since it was played out in the media the way it was."

Though false allegations of rape are rare, the above circumstance does indicate it sometimes occurs. It is still up to the prosecution to provide credible evidence in any rape or sexual assault case. This is especially true as the assertions can result in long term imprisonment and lasting damage to one's reputation.

Source: Journal Star, "Wilber woman gets prison time for false allegation," by Chris Dunker, Jan. 2, 2013

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