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Colorado drug bust involves juveniles

| Jan 2, 2013 | Drug Charges

The sweep involved approximately 40 different law enforcement officers and agents, and apparently was part of a nine month investigation into this matter.

Three individuals arrested had just turned 18 since the investigation had begun. One of the alleged primary suppliers in the drug arrests was 22-years old.

Despite the young age of the individuals arrested in the purported drug ring, all of those arrested will likely face severe criminal penalties that may include large fines or lengthy imprisonment. And since the outcome of the various arrests has likely involved the investment of a great deal of public funds, special care will be needed to be taken by the court systems to insure that there was no violation of any of the procedural rights of those arrested.

Young people that are arrested often have been involved in possible schemes that were not well thought out or that they did not understand. Often these same individuals did not understand the consequences that would come about by being engaged in certain behavior.

For this reason, anyone arrested during drug busts or for any number of drug charges should be allowed access to experienced criminal defense attorneys. These attorneys cannot only represent such people for these various drug charges, they can also make sure that the needs of those arrested are also addressed.

Arrests need to be undertaken according to strict rules that were passed by state and federal legislators. Prosecutors still need to prove that the arrests were proper, and that those arrested really were involved in criminal wrongdoing.

Source: Denver Post, “Glenwood Springs: 14 arrested in drug sweep,” by John Colson, Dec. 16, 2012

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