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Breathalyzer kiosks could be seen in Colorado soon

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2013 | Drunk Driving Charges |

In our last post we discussed how people stopped for DUI (or DWAI) in Colorado should handle themselves. With the Broncos hosting a playoff game next weekend, taking steps to avoid drunk driving arrests is critical. With the potential for fatal accidents looming large, law enforcement agencies will be out in force to take drunk drivers off the road.

Indeed, most people will use designated drivers, hail taxi cabs or stay in hotels to avoid the potential for DUI arrests. However, some will get behind the wheel while legally impaired, even though they genuinely believe that they are not drunk. They may drive very carefully (even better than when they are sober) but their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) may still be greater than .08.

Nevertheless, they may have some help in the form of a breathalyzer kiosk. Much like modern ATM machines, the kiosk features an interactive screen with a breathalyzer machine that can measure a person’s BAC. Essentially, a person will blow into the machine with a straw, and the kiosk will provide a readout on the screen. If the person’s BAC is above the legal limit, he or she will be able to choose from a number of taxi cab services.

While they are currently not in widespread distribution, we suspect that bar and club owners across Colorado will begin to include them in their establishments. After all, if a person can have an objective, reliable reading of their blood alcohol content before getting behind the wheel, the less likely they will be arrested for drunk driving.

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