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Professional football player acquitted of sexual assault

| Sep 10, 2012 | Sexual Assault

A former cornerback of the Denver Broncos and now starter for the 49ers is trying to get his life back in order after recently being acquitted for sexual assault. Because of the sexual assault charges leveled against him in Colorado, Perrish Cox was unable to play in the NFL during the 2011 season.

When an individual is charged with any number of sex crimes, the perception is that individual is guilty of the crime – even before the case is tried or any evidence is presented. Sometimes witnesses misidentify the suspect of such a crime. Often a suspect’s arrest is based upon vague or contradictory testimony. And on rare occasions an arrest is made because police have run out of other leads, and officers want to close out a criminal investigation.

Criminal defense attorneys represent suspects of such crimes because we cannot afford to allow for a wrongful conviction to stand. The punishment for sexual assault and other sex crimes is severe, and by convicting the wrong man for a crime we also potentially allow for a guilty man to remain free.

Sexual assault is no joke, and victims of this crime may forever suffer emotional and physical trauma concerning what occurred. However, the burden of proof is still upon prosecutors to prove that such sexual assault actually occurred, and that the suspect is the individual guilty of such an act – if such an act occurred.

With the new season, Perrish Cox is once again playing professional football. Cox described himself as an outcast while charges were pending. “I felt I was in my own dark room by myself,” Cox was quoted as saying. “But I escaped it.”

Source: Times-Herald, “A fresh start for 49ers’ cornerback Perrish Cox,” by Cam Inman, August 30, 2012


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