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Bath salts out of Colorado stores, but on the internet

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2012 | Drug Charges |

In the past, we have included posts about bath salts, a synthetic drug that law enforcement has had to deal with in the past few years. In effect earlier this summer, Colorado stores were barred from selling the product, therefore, making it harder for want-to-be users to access and use the illegal substance.

Though sources report that the halted store sales of bath salts has significantly reduced the problems Colorado officials have faced with the drugs, the fight against the dangerous product doesn’t end there. Bath salts aren’t just a local legal matter. The DEA has initiated a nationwide crackdown on the drugs, which now must include a focus on internet sales.

While the synthetic drugs were easily being sold and bought in stores in Colorado and throughout the country, that is no longer the case. The law is now taking these non-traditional drugs very seriously and treating its sellers and users as common drug criminals. Because the store sales of the drugs have largely come under control, the DEA knows that it must tackle the sales and purchases of bath salts online.

Teens and young adults (those who are most internet savvy) are finding ways to purchase the illegal drugs online. Therefore, law enforcement will undoubtedly be putting a renewed focus on the control of bath salts by designating time, money and effort into internet regulation.

Anyone who becomes the target of a drug crime investigation should not hesitate to take the matter seriously and contact a criminal defense attorney. And since bath salts are so popular among minors, parents might find themselves needing to defend their child. Our firm handles cases of a minor in possession, in case you are in the emotional situation of having to protect your child’s future.

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