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Sex assault suspect in Colorado agrees to plea deal, part 2

| Oct 14, 2011 | Sexual Assault

In the previous post about a man suspected of committing various sexual assaults, we shared how the suspect is working with the system in the form of a plea deal. He pleaded guilty to a count of burglary and attempted rape in Colorado.

He already has an attempted murder conviction to face sentencing for. His recent guilty pleas and reported agreement to talk to authorities in other states regarding his alleged involvement in various rapes are parts of a plea deal that could reduce the severity of his sentencing.

The best case scenario for the defendant is that a court would agree to allow the various sentences for the three separate offenses to run concurrently. That basically means that the sentences would all be served at once, with the longest prison sentence (64 years for attempted murder) being the maximum time he spends behind bars. Another proposed deal to inspire the defendant to talk is that he could serve his time in a federal facility rather than in the Colorado Department of Corrections.

A sentencing hearing for the Colorado defendant is reportedly scheduled for January. We will post updates as there are developments in this story, including what the defendant tells police about the other crimes he’s supposedly connected to and how this plea deal affects those suspected, out-of-state cases.

It is important to stress that agreeing to a plea deal or admitting anything to authorities are actions that are not wisely executed without the proper guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Sources report that the defendant in this case is working with a public defender who insists her client wants to play along with this sentencing deal.


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