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Denver child faces marijuana charge for brownie?

| Oct 28, 2011 | Drug Charges

There is no doubt that kids can find themselves in all kinds of trouble. It’s always been that way. Kids are curious. They don’t have the maturity or life experience to understand consequences of what they do. That’s why the legal system doesn’t hold them accountable for things like drug crimes in the way that supposed adult drug offenders are treated.

Some in the Denver community are a bit surprised to hear that a mere eighth grader faces the charge of marijuana possession following a unique incident at her school earlier this week. The Denver Channel reports that the child bought a brownie on her way to school and shared it with some friends when she got there. Sounds innocent enough, right?

Apparently, it wasn’t so innocent, as the brownie she brought to school was an edible marijuana product. Such products have become more popular with the legalization of medical marijuana, though children should not be sold or consume the products.

Marijuana edibles can make a child sick, which was the case with at least one of the kids who shared the brownie. Her reaction to the drug was not serious, but the child responsible for bringing the brownie to school could have some serious consequences to face.

She’s reportedly been cited on suspicion of marijuana offenses, as well as engaging in unlawful acts on school property. For an eighth grader, these accusations very likely are extremely scary. Assumptions regarding the child’s actions should not be quickly made. Did she even know that the brownie contained marijuana? Many children wouldn’t even know what an edible marijuana product is.

We will post an update if there are further developments in this case.


TheDenverChannel: “Police: 8th Grader Brought Pot Brownie To School,” Deb Stanley, Oct. 25, 2011


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