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October 2011 Archives

Denver child faces marijuana charge for brownie?

There is no doubt that kids can find themselves in all kinds of trouble. It's always been that way. Kids are curious. They don't have the maturity or life experience to understand consequences of what they do. That's why the legal system doesn't hold them accountable for things like drug crimes in the way that supposed adult drug offenders are treated.

Domestic violence claim keeps Colorado player off football field

There are certain accusations in life that have more significant negative effects on a person's reputation and overall life. A highly-regarded football player for Colorado State University is living the reality of that point currently. He's being accused of domestic violence against his girlfriend based on a reported incident that occurred nearly a week ago.

Colorado 'sexting' allegation escalates to sexual assault charge

For the most part, we see technology as making our lives easier and more entertaining. But we consistently see, too, how technology can land a person in trouble with the law. In particular, you have probably heard stories about "sexting." Despite the relatively cutesy name, sexting can lead to serious ends.

Sex assault suspect in Colorado agrees to plea deal, part 2

In the previous post about a man suspected of committing various sexual assaults, we shared how the suspect is working with the system in the form of a plea deal. He pleaded guilty to a count of burglary and attempted rape in Colorado.

Sex assault suspect in Colorado agrees to plea deal, part 1

Pleading guilty to a criminal charge is a big, drastic decision that should only be arrived at with thorough contemplation and the honest advice from a criminal defense attorney. There are some extreme situations when a guilty plea is a safe choice, and there are also times when persuading a defendant to do otherwise is impossible.

Denver 'Weekend at Bernie's' criminal case is 'no joking matter'

Sometimes the media and the public tend to make light of very serious matters. In criminal cases, people's lives and futures are on the line. There are people at the center of criminal cases whose lives and families deserve respect.

Colorado suspect pleads not guilty to out-of-state rape charge

There are certainly some types of cases that produce more public and media outcry than others. Those cases often involve children and sex crimes, which is why a sex assault on a child case involving a man from Colorado has stirred up an emotional public response.

Medical marijuana laws cloud another legal area

We have discussed the issue of medical marijuana laws in Colorado and across the U.S. on this blog before. While progress has been made in order to allow those dealing with pain and illness to use the medical marijuana to help them, that progress is often tainted with further legal complications.