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Ex-NBA star swallows evidence to avoid marijuana charge

Have you ever been pulled over by police? Many people get pulled over in their lives, usually for pretty standard issues, like speeding or some other minor traffic violation. Even with something that small, however, the anxiety that's set off when a squad car's lights go off behind you can cause people to do some less-than-brilliant things.

A recent case proves this, and there is a high-profile suspect involved to make the point even more highlighted to all people around the country. Former NBA player Samaki Walker, 35, was recently arrested for drug charges - despite his attempt to hide the evidence by ingesting it.

According to news reports, Walker was pulled over for a standard traffic stop but got worried that the officer would find a reason to charge him with something more serious - possession. Before the officer could get to the star athlete's car, Walker had reportedly already tried to swallow a stash of marijuana he is accused of having illegally in his car. The officer, however, reportedly found more marijuana in the vehicle, along with steroids and a significant amount of prescription pills.

Walker was arrested for and charged with possession, but more recent reports announce that the drug charges have been dismissed for the time being. Officials will more thoroughly investigate the drugs that were found in Walker's car during that Jul. 28 traffic stop. What they find will help them determine which, if any, drug charges to pursue against Walker.

We will post an update when there is a development in this case. Walker's attorney is confident that his client will be able to return to playing for his team in Syria in October.


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