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Medical marijuana advocates challenge harsh Colorado laws

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2011 | Drug Charges |

In the past, we have included posts about the medical marijuana industry in Colorado. It’s a topic of much debate and change. Various legal changes regarding medical marijuana were set to take effect as of Jul. 1, but that date did not come without industry advocates challenging the looming regulation shifts.

According to The Washington Post, various groups in Colorado’s medical marijuana industry revealed their plans to formally challenge legal changes to the industry. They believe that the changes in laws go against the state constitution’s amendment regarding medical marijuana and that they put unrealistic burdens on honest people involved in the field.

Among the opposed legislative changes are the following:

  • Making caregivers responsible to do more than grow marijuana
  • Limiting the number of patients caregivers are allowed to have to five
  • Prohibiting caregivers from making a profit from their work in the field
  • Making medical marijuana patients’ information available to tax authorities and law enforcement
  • Further regulating medical marijuana dispensaries with tactics such as requiring video recordings of all sales in each business

Challengers of stricter medical marijuana laws in Colorado hope that in time, lawmakers will see that the industry is not one that’s made up of drug dealers and dishonest users. It’s legitimate business with a noble purpose of helping people in pain.

We will post an update when there are developments regarding medical marijuana regulations and the challenges against them.


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