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Denver judge approves trial for airport rape case

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2011 | Sexual Assault |

Back in April, we included a post about a now high-profile criminal case stemming from an alleged incident at the Denver International Airport. A woman has accused a U.S. marine of sexual assault. According to her accusation, on Apr. 11, the sexual assault suspect attacked her at late at night at the airport.

Proving the alleged rape, however, has not been an open-and-shut process. The defendant claims that his sex with the supposed victim was actually consensual. It was only last week when a Denver judge agreed that there was sufficient evidence for the sex assault case to move forward in trial. So, beginning in August, this Denver rape case will progress in court.

According to Colorado reports, the defendant and his alleged victim met in the airport when the woman missed her flight. The duo reportedly sat together at an airport restaurant and talked. They were supposedly seen hanging out together by airport staff. That detail is seen as one that works in favor of the defendant’s argument that the sex was consensual.

The alleged rape victim, however, claims that the defendant’s attitude and behavior took drastic turns at around midnight, when they were both waiting at an empty gate. She accuses him of forcing her to the ground and sexually assaulting her. The reported rape was not caught by any of the video cameras positioned throughout the airport.

A couple of airport employees ultimately put a stop to whatever was going on between the defendant and the woman after they saw them through an airport window. Exactly how those employees describe what they saw is not included in reports.

The arraignment in this case is scheduled for Aug. 8 and involves charges of kidnapping and sexual assault. We will post an update when there are new developments.


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