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Cox controversy continues surrounding his sex assault arrest affidavit

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2011 | Sexual Assault |

In a recent post, we wrote that there was a ruling out of Perrish Cox and his defense’s favor when it comes to his Colorado sex assault case. Details about the case are limited – which is how the defense and prosecution have wanted it.

The majority of what we do know about the sex crime case is that the details are sensitive enough for attorneys to want to keep the arrest affidavit private. As we mentioned in a previous post, both legal teams had their own reasons to want to keep the affidavit sealed. The defense wants the case kept private so badly that the fight continues.

Last week, the judge in this Colorado case ruled in favor of The Associated Press and The Denver Post, who fought for the right of freedom of press. The judge ruled that the document related to the Sept. 6 incident involving Cox would be unsealed. That ruling hasn’t put an end to the defense’s fight of trying to get Cox a fair trial.

The defense believes that if the affidavit goes public and enough people learn about the case, then the chance of building a fair jury in the sex assault trial would be slim. The judge addressed that concern in last week’s ruling, saying that there are processes during jury selection that would ensure an unbiased jury.

That assurance isn’t enough for Cox and his legal team. And the document won’t be unsealed any time very soon. This week, Cox’s defense attorney announced that they are appealing the judge’s recent ruling and taking the matter to the Colorado Supreme Court. Until they have had a chance to get the higher court’s answer, the affidavit will be kept private.

As always, we will be sure to post an update with any new developments in this ongoing, high-profile case.


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