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Colorado woman charged with and applauded for alleged TSA assault

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2011 | Sexual Assault |

Recently, there have been a plethora of public debates regarding the security measures used by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Following the attack on 9/11, travelers were faced with stricter security measures at airports from liquid restrictions to full body scans. These measures can be invasive and often lead to frustration and anger among travelers. One Colorado woman recently expressed her outrage by allegedly committing an assault against a TSA officer.

According to news reports, the 61-year-old woman started to argue with the TSA official over the security checkpoint screening process. The passenger then grabbed the female officer’s breast and twisted it. Since this action was not consensual or accidental, the traveler was arrested on felony sexual assault charges. The woman was released from custody last week after spending one night in jail; however, she will be required to appear in court to defend the criminal charges that have been brought against her.

Numerous groups have started to show their support for the aggravated traveler. A Facebook fan page was recently set up to show support for the woman. Other supporters have gone so far as to set up legal defense funds to help pay for the woman’s legal fees. Some supporters have reportedly compared the frustrated traveler to a modern day Rosa Parks and have expressed their appreciation for this woman’s willingness to stand up to authority.

However, while most would agree that the TSA’s policies are strict and invasive, we must also recognize that physical assaults, like the one mentioned here, are against the law and come with serious consequences. While the defendant’s actions might be somewhat understandable, her future is still at risk as a result of the alleged assault. We will keep you posted when there are updates in this case.


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