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Edible marijuana items likely to stay legal, with package changes

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2011 | Drug Charges |

Trying to stay up-to-date on the current drug laws in the state can be difficult with the introduction of legalized medical marijuana. It takes time for society to understand new rules and for lawmakers to modify laws in order to best protect the community.

For the most part, Colorado lawmakers accept that many residents benefit greatly with the legalization of medical marijuana, which is why it’s legal in the state. For a while, some were concerned, however, that lawmakers were about to limit the help by banning edible products containing marijuana.

According to the Colorado Independent, lawmakers actually might have found a compromise that most can agree with. Rep. Cindy Acree suggested a few modifications to a bill that some worried would outlaw various edible marijuana products, such as brownies, lozenges, etc.

  • The products must be sold in tamper-proof containers
  • The products must be labeled as medicine
  • The products cannot be marketed to children

Many people depend on edible marijuana products to help them manage their pain and/or seizures. For example, one Colorado father is grateful that it looks like the products will remain available due to the proposed bill modifications. His son reportedly suffers from a seizure disorder and finds great relief through marijuana lozenges.

The third-listed modification regarding marketing the products to children draws the most debate. Some think it is pure commonsense to use “responsible packaging” that doesn’t make the products aesthetically appealing to kids. Others, however, think that the marketing law is silly. They argue that parents need to pay closer attention to what their kids are doing and be more thoughtful about where they keep their medical marijuana.

What do you think? Should these edible products remain legal? Should marketing laws be enacted in order to protect children from consuming marijuana products?


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