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Defense finds holes in Colorado woman’s rape allegation

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2011 | Sexual Assault |

The legal system doesn’t take criminal accusations lightly, and neither do we. Colorado sex crime charges have a significant effect on suspects’ lives, whether they are found guilty or not guilty of the charges.

A current case involving a former University of Colorado football player provides an opportunity to examine points that aid in the defense of the accused. Based on an incident that allegedly occurred last December, a 22-year-old female has accused a 22-year-old suspect of sex assault, a serious charge that his defense attorney is fighting against.

According to the woman’s story, she met up with the suspect and some of his friends while out drinking on Dec. 4 and then went back to their apartment afterwards. She testifies that she willingly went into a private bedroom with one of the men and engaged in consensual sex, which was reportedly interrupted by the defendant.

The alleged victim says that the suspect entered the room and had sex with her, even though she claims that she told him “no” and “stop.” After the supposed assault took place, the woman says she then left the apartment, afraid, with her girlfriend. The defense addresses the following as problems with the young woman’s story:

  • Her memory of the night doesn’t completely match up with what others remember about the evening, potentially due to intoxication.
  • She reportedly changed her story about what happened from the first interview to the second. Consistency in testimony is extremely important when officials investigate a case.
  • She told investigators that she cried out during the alleged rape; however, no one who was in the apartment reports having heard anything suspicious.
  • Witnesses at the apartment say that the woman didn’t appear to be upset when she left that night.

It is just the beginning for this sex assault case, and the defendant won’t enter a plea until next month. The point of yesterday’s hearing was for the judge to decide whether there is enough evidence in the case to proceed with a trial. Despite the defense’s above-mentioned points, the judge ruled that the case will go forward.

We will post an update as the case progresses in the future.


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