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March 2011 Archives

Colorado educator strikes plea deal in child sex assault case

In January, we posted a story about a Colorado teaching coach and her serious legal battle. The 31-year-old female defendant was charged with various crimes, including sex assault on a child by one in a position of trust, sex assault with more than a 10-year age difference and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Study claims that sports loss increases risk of domestic violence

It sounds somewhat ridiculous, doesn't it? If the team you are rooting for loses a game, you are more likely to abuse your family. That controversial statement comes from a recent study published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics and discussed in Time magazine.

Colorado law connects pregnancy to suspicion of domestic violence

Certain types of criminal investigations seem to turn into witch hunts more than others. False allegations are made, significantly damaging the lives of the accused. Domestic violence cases are definitely the kind of cases that can take a suspect down before either innocence or guilt is proved.

Colorado father misses child's birth for traffic violation

"It's something they took away from us that we can never get back," says a father who wishes he could have been there when his most recent child was born in a Denver hospital. Why wasn't he there? According to reports, the father was pulled over for speeding while on the way to the hospital. He couldn't get out of custody in time to be by his wife's side during the delivery.

Judge: Denver Bronco's sex crime case gets no special treatment

As we have discussed before within this blog, criminal charges of any kind have a significant impact on the course of one's life. Sometimes, the impact is intensified when the defendant's life is lived largely in the public eye.

Medical marijuana users: DUI law would mean Colorado "witch hunt"

In January, we shared a post about a proposal that would change the way the system handles drivers under the influence of marijuana. House Bill 1261 went before Colorado's House Judiciary Committee last week and passed.

Edible marijuana items likely to stay legal, with package changes

Trying to stay up-to-date on the current drug laws in the state can be difficult with the introduction of legalized medical marijuana. It takes time for society to understand new rules and for lawmakers to modify laws in order to best protect the community.

Opinion: Lawmakers need to reassess Colorado DUI proposal, Part 2

Last Friday, we left you with a post about Senate Bill 107, which seeks to let DUI crash victims and their families sue for unlimited amounts in non-economic damages. The bill is presented as a way to combat drunk driving and punish DUI offenders.

Opinion: Lawmakers need to reassess Colorado DUI proposal, Part 1

On Feb. 17, we shared a blog post about a new bill that Colorado lawmakers want to be enacted in the state. Senate Bill 107 is related to drunk driving accidents and is presented as a measure that would allow victims of Colorado DUI accidents and their families to recover more for their losses.