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Old Colorado Rape Case Reemerges as GOP Candidate Runs for Office

As election season is upon us, incriminating stories about certain political candidates are bound to come up. It's part of the gig. Such is the case for a current GOP candidate from Colorado who is running for U.S. Senate. Accusations are surrounding the candidate that he made an unethical decision in his legal work in 2005. He is accused of treating a woman's allegation of sexual assault in a dismissive manner and failing to prosecute the case.

The woman who made the rape allegations has come forward with her story again, now that the man who allegedly ignored her rape report five years ago is running for public office. According to the woman, his previous handling of her case shows how the candidate views women in this country. But the candidate rejects that accusation and, along with his GOP supporters, insists that the woman's sex assault claim would not have stood up in trial and that this story is an attempt to damage his campaign.

There was reportedly not enough evidence to successfully prosecute, and the circumstance surrounding the alleged rape cast doubts on the woman's report. According to sources, the supposed victim admitted in her report that she and the alleged rapist were in a romantic relationship before the incident occurred. She also said that she was drinking at the time and had invited the man into her residence.

The candidate whom she is accusing of rudely dismissing her case says that he did not try the case simply because it was not strong enough. He claims that he even had other, more experienced and specialized legal minds look over the case, and they came to the same conclusion. The sexual assault case had "too many holes" to prosecute in court.

Come election time, the public will find out how the woman's accusation against the GOP candidate will have affected his shot at Colorado's U.S. Senate seat.

Source "GOP fights back for Buck," Peter Marcus, 15 Oct. 2010

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