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Denver Detective Fabricated Case Against Robbery Suspect

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2010 | Crimes of Violence, Current Topics in the News |

Denver Police Detective Paul Baca has gone from proving others’ guilt in his line of work, to defending his own name. He has been accused of fabricating evidence in order to arrest a suspect in the 2009 Lodo robberies.

On June 24, a Denver judge ruled that Baca did falsify evidence and that his lies led to the wrongful arrest of suspect Aaron Puller last year. The judge came to his thorough ruling after he watched video evidence of witness testimony regarding Puller’s involvement in the Denver robberies and assaults.

Another of the various suspects in last year’s notorious crimes, Landae Woods-King, testified to Pullers participation in the violent robbery. While Baca stated that Woods-King identified Puller as being involved in the crimes, the video recording of his testimony proved otherwise. Woods-King stated that he did not even recognize Puller and that he was not involved.

Keisha Parker, a witness to the crime in question, was interviewed by Baca about what and who she saw during the robbery. Like Woods-King, she claimed Puller was not involved in the crime. Baca did not include that pertinent information in the police report.

Based on the above evidence that Baca fabricated a case against Puller, the Denver judge cleared Puller of all charges. Further investigation into Baca’s unethical police practices is bound to follow and likely result in a case against the dubious detective. This is not the first time he has been accused of falsifying evidence in order to make an arrest.

We will update you when details about Baca and any ensuing cases against him develop.


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