Defense Against Traffic Violation Charges In Colorado

A conviction for driving under restraint (DUR) or driving under suspension (DUS) or habitual traffic offender (HTO) can carry mandatory jail time in many instances and the automatic loss of your driver's license for a full year or longer in almost every instance. Police officers and district attorneys see these traffic violations as serious crimes and usually prosecute them very vigorously.

Why Is the District Attorney Trying So Hard on My Traffic Case? Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Understand this simple fact: When a district attorney first graduates law school and is hired at the Arapahoe, Adams, Jefferson County, Denver, Douglas County, Boulder, or Broomfield County district attorneys' offices, they are given traffic cases like these to prosecute. These DAs have not seen more serious crimes like felonies and violent crimes, so when they get traffic tickets, they treat each one like it's the worst crime on earth. This means they see you as a bad person and they are relentless in trying to show their bosses that they can put people like you away. Don't treat traffic cases like they are small deals. They are not a small deal to the prosecutor sitting across the courtroom from you trying to put you in jail.

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At the law office of Shazam Kianpour & Associates, drivers convicted of serious traffic violations find effective and aggressive criminal defense. The firm represents clients in the metro Denver area, as well as drivers throughout Colorado's Front Range. The firm will explain your rights and legal options when facing serious traffic charges, and help you avoid license suspension and other consequences when possible.

These traffic charges must be taken seriously since a conviction carries such serious penalties and may result in future consequences. You may not be allowed to drive to work, or give your kids a ride to school. Does that sound like it will be easy?

Remember also that prospective employers, landlords, banks, and insurance companies have easy access to your criminal records through the Internet. The possibilities of felony charges and license suspension, combined with the limitations and stigma of a criminal and traffic record, make the decision to contact a skilled lawyer an easy one.

The Beginning of the Solution

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