Representing Drivers Facing Careless Driving Charges

Careless driving in Denver County, Jefferson County, Arapahoe County, or any other Colorado county is a class two traffic misdemeanor offense and carries with it four points against your driver's license. This vehicle violation charge is most typically associated with traffic accidents across all jurisdictions in Colorado and can also carry up to one year in county jail if you are charged with careless driving resulting in injury!

How can they say I was careless driving? What do they have to prove for me to be found guilty in Denver traffic court?

The crime of careless driving is composed of two essential elements that the prosecutor must prove:

  1. "Driving in a careless and imprudent manner." This is the broadly written, and somewhat subjective, actual physical control element. What we mean is that a jury must decide you were driving wildly or in a manner that was either erratic or unsafe.
  2. "Without due regard." This due regard is the mental state of the driver, which is generally a disregard for safety. Meaning that you were not being mindful and showed disregard for the laws and other cars or objects.

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If you are involved in a traffic accident and you are charged with this crime, protect yourself and lawyer up with an experienced Colorado traffic attorney from Shazam Kianpour & Associates. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in fighting against careless driving charges and we have taken them to trial and successfully defended them for our clients in our over 20 years of combined experience in Colorado traffic courts. Call us today for your free consultation and speak to a Denver traffic lawyer today at 303-578-4036.