Misdemeanor Theft in Colorado

Most people assume that a Misdemeanor Theft charge in Colorado is not a big deal. After all, you narrowly avoided felony charges and now you can just go to court and "knock it out" yourself, right? Well, it might surprise you to hear that employment and bank loan applications no longer just ask about felony convictions.

Many of them also want to know if you have been ever charged or found guilty of any crimes involving dishonesty, stealing, or fraud. These are called "crimes of moral turpitude" and not only do they impact your permanent record, they may impact your career, your chances of becoming a United States citizen, and also your financial future.

How Shazam Can Help Your Theft Case

At Shazam Kianpour & Associates, we have defended every Misdemeanor theft crime and other financial crime you can think of in cities like Greenwood Village, Lone Tree, Aurora, Littleton, Lakewood, Boulder, Brighton, Greeley and most other metro area jurisdictions. From Toll Evasion charges at the Lightrail, to Shoplifting charges, to Cab Fair evasion, Theft by resale of Ski tickets, Theft of Trade Secrets, Theft of Cable television Service, Theft from local stores, and even walking out of department stores with that sweater or scarf accidentally tucked under your arm. It all counts, and it all matters, and the police are cracking down on it more than ever.

Why do I need a Misdemeanor Theft Lawyer, can't I just go to Court and do it myself?

Don't risk wasting all the years you went to nursing school, or college, or that trade school to be a mechanic, just because you want to save a few bucks today and "do it yourself" in Court. Sitting across from you in that County or Municipal courthouse is a trained prosecutor who knows how to get juries to say "Guilty". And their job is to make an example out of you so that you never hurt their community again. We are theft defense lawyers, and our passion is helping people in need. Call us today for a free consultation and we promise you won't walk away empty-handed. We can be reached at 303-578-4036 any time of day and we are ready to give you the advice you need to help your case.

The following is a list of Misdemeanor Theft crimes in Colorado, their values, and their potential penalties. Colorado Theft is charged as a:

  1. A class 1 petty offense (PO1) if the value of the thing involved is less than fifty dollars.
  2. A class 3 misdemeanor if the value of the thing involved is fifty dollars or more but less than three hundred dollars; This class 3 misdemeanor Theft (M3) can carry with it from 0 to 6 months in County jail.
  3. A class 2 misdemeanor if the value of the thing involved is three hundred dollars or more but less than seven hundred fifty dollars; This class 2 misdemeanor Theft (M2) can carry with it from 3 to 12 months in County jail.
  4. A class 1 misdemeanor if the value of the thing involved is seven hundred fifty dollars or more but less than two thousand dollars; This class 1 misdemeanor Theft (M1) can carry with it from 6 to 18 months in County jail.

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At Shazam Kianpour & Associates we are Colorado Theft Defense Attorneys, and we have made a career out of helping people like you who deserve a second chance and just need somebody to believe in them and go to battle for them. Municipal Misdemeanor Theft charges can ruin your record and your good name like any other Theft charge. Email us using the form on this site, or call us today for a free consultation at 303-578-4036! Your Theft Defense begins here.