Serious Burglary Charge Defense In Colorado

Colorado Burglary law states that if a person with the intent to commit a crime breaks or enters into any vault, cash register, vending machine, or similar equipment then they should be charged with Third-Degree Burglary.

Burglary in the Third-Degree charges are more common these days, as the recession and unemployment have made it harder on folks to get by and make ends meet. Sometimes it is a simple case of some teenagers at a high school knocking over or breaking into the soda machine to get change and to have some old-fashioned fun vandalizing it. Don't do it! If you do commit the act, then you should take this charge very seriously since it is considered a felony in Colorado.

These Charges Can Get Worse if Not Properly Addressed

Third-Degree Burglary in Denver, Larimer, Gilpin, or any other county in Colorado is considered a class 5 (F5) felony and can carry with it a presumptive sentence of one to three years in prison with a mandatory three-year term of parole. If you are on felony probation or felony bond for another case, then the crime is considered aggravated and you can receive as much as 6 years in prison (DOC).

Many times when we see this charge filed, Criminal Mischief charges are filed with it. If the damage to the cash register, vending machine, or equipment is expensive enough, then your Criminal Mischief may be charged as a felony! What should you do? Well, first, don't speak with the police; they are not there to help you. Secondly, call our office for a free consultation.

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