Violation Of Criminal Protection Orders - Get The Help You Need

Do not take municipal restraining orders lightly. Some of the most brutal jail sentences we have seen in our legal careers took place in municipal criminal court in Colorado.

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Remember, municipal judges live in the city that they preside in. They take great pride in that city. At one point, they were probably a council member or mayor pro-tem in that city and they might have helped plan the courthouse. Certainly this is not state court where judges are rotated from courtroom to courtroom, from civil to criminal docket and back again.

The point is, when you violate a municipal restraining order, you are telling the city court judges that you don't care about their city. This is their city. Their city, their rules, which means you may be going to jail for a very long time if you are not careful.

Most municipal restraining order violations can carry up to one year of jail or up to a $1,000 fine or both. In many instances, the restraining orders can be petitioned and modified to allow contact with the witnesses or alleged victims in the case if they don't object. You should never believe anybody who tells you the restraining order is modified and you can now contact him or her.

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