The Difference Between Sealing and Expunging

The U.S. Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. Unfortunately, however, our society does not. The fact is employers, schools, organizations, lending institutions and others often continue to punish people with criminal records "unofficially," long after they have served their sentences.

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  • Sealing criminal records — In Colorado, the criminal records of juveniles are routinely expunged. Criminal records of adults can be sealed, meaning that you do not have to disclose this information and can treat it as if it never happened. However, you may be eligible only if the charges against you were dropped or dismissed, you were found not guilty, or received and completed a true deferred judgment or diversion. Even then, there may be issues that prevent sealing. Having a lawyer who knows the system and who has credibility with the judges and district attorneys in this area can be a valuable asset.
  • Discontinuing sex offender registration — Colorado law allows certain sex offenders who meet particular standards and who have not been deemed sexually violent predators to stop registering as sex offenders after a certain amount of time. Attorney Shazam Kianpour can review your case to determine whether you are eligible and help you navigate the process of filing your petition.

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