Avoid Obstruction Of Justice Charges

If you are being investigated by the police, the single best way to protect yourself is to say nothing. You have the right under the Fifth Amendment to refuse to speak to the police. If you try to "improve your situation" by saying misleading statements to the police or by talking to potential witnesses after charges have been filed, nothing good can come of it.

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What Does It Take to Be Charged?

A common way to be charged with obstruction of justice is to give false information to a police officer investigating potential criminal activity.

Witness tampering accusations commonly involve asking a potential witness to give false testimony. Witness intimidation allegations do not have to involve direct threats to a witness but can arise out of something as simple as telling someone you know not to testify against you. Both of these charges are felonies and can put you in greater trouble.

As we have said, the best way to protect yourself is to simply keep your mouth shut when the police ask questions. Your next step should be to contact a lawyer. When it comes to defending yourself against criminal charges, the do-it-yourself approach rarely ends well.

We Can Help You Fight These Charges

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