Defense Against Criminal Mischief Charges In Colorado

Criminal mischief in Colorado is considered to be one of the most common types of crimes charged in domestic violence cases. The name of the crime is a little confusing, as it isn't as clear what the crime means compared to destruction of property charges.

In Colorado, criminal mischief means that a person knowingly damages the real property of another. Often if more than one thing was damaged or destroyed in the same "criminal episode."

At Shazam Kianpour & Associates, our lawyers have handled hundred of such cases. We are aware that sometimes there was no damage to the property when you left the home, and that your soon to be ex-spouse may have "set you up" to look like you went into a rage before you left the house. Sound familiar? Yes, we have been there, seen it, and defended it. Give us a call today for a free consultation at 303-578-4036.

What Does Criminal Mischief Mean?

Often, one person gets angry because he or she sees a text message or hears a voicemail on the other person's cellphone. A fight breaks out because the husband or wife thinks the other may be cheating. Then somebody breaks the phone. Other times, out of anger, somebody uses a key or tool to damage the paint job on his or her ex-girlfriend or boyfriend's car.

When police are called, they do an assessment of the damage and ask the named victim to give an estimate for repair or replacement cost of the broken items. Remember that criminal mischief can start out as a misdemeanor but can quickly become a felony, depending on the value of the destroyed items.

Do not take these charges lightly. They can carry serious jail or prison time and destroy your criminal record, costing you job opportunities and bank or home loans.

What Is the Difference Compared to Destruction of Property Charges?

In Colorado, criminal mischief is a state crime and destruction of property is a municipal court or city court crime. Destruction of property in some towns, however, is considered to be just as harsh a crime as its state counterpart.

In fact, most experienced municipal criminal defense lawyers in Colorado recognize that certain judges in city court hand out much harsher and unforgiving jail sentences than judges in state court.

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