Community Involvement By Our Legal Team

This past summer, Shazam Kianpour & Associates, P.C., hosted a military war veterans convention and field trip to the annual "Warbirds Over Denver" RC plane event held at Chatfield Reservoir & State Park where the veterans enjoyed old fashioned southern BBQ, a hero's welcome, and plenty of exciting model warbird and jet flying. Several thousand spectators ended up in attendance over the course of the weekend. It was a treat and an honor for those of us at the law firm who got an opportunity to thank and cherish our country's heroes.

Veterans - 1

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Quote from Brighton High Parent on Mr. Kianpour's presentation:

"I attended Mr. Kianpour's presentation to the Teen Choices class on May 3, 2010. I thought it was great the way he explained to the kids just how easy they could get in serious trouble by texting inappropriate pictures, etc. I had never heard the term "sexting" until this presentation. After listening to Mr. Kianpour's real life examples and the consequences associated with them, I really think the kids learned a lot. I know I did!"




Douglas County Wrap Around Center - Their mission statement is to unite the Douglas County community, including youth, parents, agencies, governments, schools, grassroots movements and everyone else, in our mutual efforts to:


  • Collaborate effectively as a seamless continuum of services.
  • Advocate for system improvements that will better serve youth and families of Douglas County.
  • Support youth and encourage their contributions to the broader community.
  • Effectively intervene with youth who are endangered by their decisions and/or situation.
  • Support and expand opportunities for youth to express viewpoints.
  • Support parents with resources, education and unconditional care.

On March 11, 2010 b/w 6-8:30 pm, I met with a panel and some parents to discuss current issues, solutions, in bettering parents and kids' lives in conjunction with family unit and legal issues pertaining to criminal behavior at home/school/community, etc.


On Saturday March 27, 2010 I hosted an expo and made a long presentation to Veterans at the Community living Center. The presentation involved taking one of my scale Jets (the F84F Thunderjet) that served in both Korean and Vietnam wars. We discussed everything from mechanics of these actual flying scale models, to how they work, and I did some live demos of the jets operational parts (no flying or running of the turbine indoors). The veterans that I met and had the energy to come out to the expo were enthralled and very energized. We shared a few good laughs and I learned a lot from them.